What's the difference?

Beverly Hills lash extensions

There is no "One size fits all" in Lash Extensions.

silk lashes

mink lashes

faux mink lashes


Mink lashes are made with real fur and are the most natural looking and luxurious of all lash extensions.  Because they are extremely fine, it is advised to schedule a more dramatic service because more are required to look full.  Minks are extremely soft and absolutely seamless on any lash.  They tend to be easiest to wear with longest time between touch ups of our semi-permanent extensions.  The average touch up times are 4-5 weeks.

Faux Mink lashes are a softer, finer synthetic lash...meaning slightly softer than synthetic polyesters.  Faux minks were invented to look more like mink lashes without the cost but are still stiffer than silks or minks. They are matte in look and are semi-permanent with touch ups needed every 2-3 weeks. 

Our silk lashes are made with natural silk protiens providing a light, soft feel with a shiny look.  While these remain our most popular lashes because of thier lok and speedy application, these are semi-permanent lashes and are not recommended for highly active clients or clients who have oily skin or hair. Touch up times vary from client to client but the average is 2-3 weeks.

NovaLash Extensions are our choice for premium Brand name Designer lashes.  NovaLash was chosen because they are permanent lashes (meaning they last the life of your own lash), they are oilproof, waterproof and perfectly suitable for the most active clients.  They are also the only lash company with products completely manufactured in the US.  Touch ups are referred to as "fills" with these lashes and are required every 4-6 weeks depending on the speed in which your lashes grow.

California requires lash techs to be licensed by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology with either an Esthetician or Cosmetology License!