Semi-Permanent Lashes   

We offer a variety of lengths, material and weights to match each individual lash.  Looks can be varied to look more uniform or mixed to look like natural lashes.  We have something for everyone!  

We use medical grade, formaldehyde free glue and only silk, mink and faux mink lashes.  Touch ups are recommended every three weeks to keep lashes clean, healthy and full.

SweetPea Lashes™   (up to 80 lashes)      189.

Spoiled          (90-125 lashes)       225.

Bad Kitty!    (every lash covered)       300.

Minks  +100.



  Half Set   (25-30 lashes on outer edges)    95.

Removal  (lashes not done here)    25.

one week touch up   50.

two  week touch up   65.

three week touch up   75.

four week touch up   85.

five week touch up  95.

six week touch up 120.

*after six weeks please book a new set.

NovaLash Permanent Lashes

NovaLash Full Set:                                  250.

NovaLash Glam Set:                              300.

30 Minute Fill:                                            50.

60 Minute Fill:                                            75.

(Fills are not performed after eight weeks duration from last appointment.)