Bylle Breaux

Licensed Cosmetologist

Certified Lash Technician

Professional Make-up Artist

Bylle Breaux has been doing professional Eyelash Extensions for six years in Los Angeles.  As a professional make-up artist and Licensed Cosmetologist, she also brings her education of skincare and hair to her work, which she feels sets her apart.  "Having a true understanding of hair texture, growth patterns and how skin types affect lashes gives me a definate edge in the lash business.  I care about the long term health of my clients lashes and they feel safe with me. Being a licensed cosmetologist makes me responsible for proper procedure, safety and sanitary issues, and educating my clients so they are not in the dark and vulnerable to bad experiences.  There is never a reason to compromise health for vanity."  Bylle also knows her experience as a make-up artist helps her with lash shaping, manipulating the look of a person's natural eye shape.  

"Love to be a girl!"